Since October 1981Handicare has been a leader in Iowa in the field of early childhood education

Longevity of Staff

Through education initiatives and competitive pay, we are able to retain our great teachers and staff longer than most in the area.


Infant formula, infant cereal, meals (including special diet restrictions) and wipes are all included in your tuition.

Welcome to Handicare

At Handicare, we believe that all children deserve the opportunity to grow and develop in a nurturing environment that encourages their full participation, a philosophy that’s reflected throughout our infant, toddler, preschool and school-complement programs.

We’re proud of our 30+ year history of caring for kids from diverse backgrounds, including those with special needs.  That higher standard of care means every Handicare child receives specialized attention.

Parents appreciate our commitment to quality, our professionally trained staff, and high staff-to-child ratio. We offer flexible hours and a convenient location, part-time billing options, and a host of “extras” at no charge.

We invite you to join the Handicare family.

Handicare is a child care facility licensed by the State of Iowa and follows all the rules and regulations as outlined by the Child Care Licensing Standards. A copy of these standards is available by request or can be found on the DHS website as Chapter 109 of the administrative rules. Many of the policies and procedures in the manual were taken directly from Caring for Our Children, Health and Safety Standards, third edition.

Upcoming Events

Happy Parents

“Thank you for all that you do every day for our children! We are very blessed by all of you and feel grateful and so very thankful every day! You make working with kids look so effortless, and your kindness, positive spirit and energy you all have really is amazing. The care you provide to our children and all kids @ Handicare is invaluable.”

“Thank you all at Handicare for the last four years. You have helped teach our son so much including kindness, sharing, inclusive play, patience, as well as helped grow him many, many interests.”

“My wife and I wanted to thank you for caring for our son over the past four years. We greatly appreciate all of your time, energy, effort, patience and love. While we are sad that our son moving on, we couldn’t be happier that our daughter will get to experience many of the same joys as him for years to come.”

“We are so very lucky and fortunate to have stumbled upon Handicare. It truly feels like a family.”